1935 Annie Young

In late August 1935, Newfoundland was gripped by a series of storms that took a particularly heavy toll on the shipping and fishing communities. Numerous incidents were reported, and overall it was estimated that the gales resulted in $45,500 worth of damages and thirty-one lives lost (The Western Star, October 2, 1933:1). Included in this estimate is the loss of the Annie Young, a schooner from Ramea.

Owned by Penny & Sons and skippered by George Hayman, the Annie Young carried a cook named Bennie Hayman (a first cousin, according to a correspondent, Cal Warren) and six other crewmembers: John McDonald, John Warren, John Marks and “three men named Coley from Fox Island near Ramea” (Parsons 1995:174). Annie Young was heading to the Labrador Grounds and on August 24, the day she was last seen, and was travelling near another vessel – the Man Alone (Parsons 1995:173-4). A storm suddenly came upon them and both ships, faced with no other option, tried to ride it out:

In the morning hours during the gale Captain George Warren of Man Alone saw the distressed schooner’s mainsail torn off. Later Warren lost sight of Annie Young and the next morning Man Alone made it to harbour to report the Ramea schooner would probably not survive the storm (Parsons 1995:174).

In response to the numerous incidents reported, ships were often sent out to investigate, as was the case when the government ordered steamers to look into wrecks that were reported near Cape Pine and Long Harbour (The Daily News, August 27, 1935:4). The Annie Young, however, could not be located.

Several weeks later, the Natural Resources Department received a message that one of Annie Young’s dories had washed ashore near Cowhead (The Daily News, September 13, 1935:3). This confirmed the suspicions of most: that the Annie Young and the eight souls that had been aboard her at the time had been lost at sea and would never be seen again.


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Evidence Confirms Loss of Ship and Crew

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