Florizel, The – Hayes



It was black as the ocean was cold
Headin’ south down Newfoundland’s coast
Hitched a ride on the Florizel
1918: the last time she sailed.

William Martin was the captain of name
Steered his ship into the ice and the rain
All the people settled in for the night
Never knowin’ their course wasn’t right.

Twelve years old, Betty rose from her sleep
“Daddy, please come and rescue me!”
Through the damage and the wreck of it all
Betty Munn, she was the first one to fall.

4 a.m. southwest of Halifax
Polar ice, land, and broke in her back
S.O.S went out, our time is near
Tell my wife I didn’t die in fear

Rescue ships came from the island of men
Who risked their lives, stayed till the end
Proud Canadians of Newfoundland
There stands a statue of Peter Pan.

Lyrics transcribed from the YouTube video by Meggan Howatson

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