1921 Brule, NL Rum-Running

According to Lehr & Best (1985: 24), Brule, a community on Merasheen Island in Placentia Bay, was a rum-smuggling centre. Much rum-smuggling happened between 1850 and 1950. Newfoundland prohibition (1917-1924) also encouraged rum-smuggling and rum-running. The song we have about this area’s rum-running refers to a storm in 1921.


2 responses to “1921 Brule, NL Rum-Running”

  1. Andrew Craig says:

    Can you please provide the name and any other information about the 1921 Brule rum-running song? Many thanks in advance.

    • Heather Sparling says:

      Apologies – I had not tagged the song correctly so that it was connected to the information on this page. I’ve corrected this now, and you’ll see that the song we have is “Brule Boys.” If you know of any other rum-running disaster songs, I’d love to know about them!

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