1927 Port Hood Ice Tragedy

In February 1927, two young men got caught out on the ice and one died. Here is the story according to The Smiths of Cape Breton: History of Port Hood and Port Hood Island (1967) by Perley Watts Smith:

John R. MacDonald and James Pervis, two young chaps who had watched a hockey game in Port Hood, decided to walk on the ice to Henry Island, a distance of approximately three miles. The ice parted and the two boys were left stranded on drifting ice. The night turned cold and stormy and they soon became exhausted climbing from clamper to clamper on the drifting ice and took shelter behind large ice clampers in an effort to keep from freezing. A search party was soon organized when they were reported missing and the following day they were located ten miles off Judique, near where the Halifax Motor Vessel “HURRY ON” foundered in 1935 with the loss of four men. John R. MacDonald was badly frozen by James Pervis, a native of Windsor, Nova Scotia, had perished during the night of February 12, 1927. (246)


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