1950 Sir Echo

On September 12, 1950, Hurricane Dog struck Nova Scotia. It began in the Antilles and grew into a category five hurricane. However, by the time it reached Nova Scotian waters, it had diminished to a strong tropical storm. On September 13, two ships were reported missing: theĀ Sir Echo and theĀ Nickerson. Each was carrying six men.


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  1. Etheren Goreham says:

    Remember it so well as though it was just a short while ago. At the age of 9 such an event leaves a strong impression which lives deep within one’s soul. I have fished for the sword fish in the same manner these men did and have experienced terrific storms and huge waves and each time my thoughts were of these and others who were not fortunate as myself to return to our home port in safety. Later in 1974 I lost a brother ( Bruce Jack Goreham, crew member on the “Coveville Bay”) a long-liner out of Woods Harbour.Our lives are forever emotionally touched by our losses and our memories of our loved one’s lives on .

  2. Heather Sparling says:

    Thank you, Etheren, for your moving comment. I’m sorry for the loss of your brother.

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