1970s Sister Ships of Saint John

In 1969, three sister ships were built by Saint John Shipbuilding (1923-2003) in New Brunswick: Lady AudetteLady Dorianne, and Marc Guylaine. All three fishing trawlers were made to the same specifications. 

In November 1970, the Lady Dorianne disappeared off Miscou Island, New Brunswick, en route from Havre-Aubert in the Magdalen Islands to Shippigan in New Brunswick. It was presumed to have sunk and that the five or six crew members on board all drowned. However, neither the ship nor the bodies were ever recovered.

Five months later, to the day, the Lady Audette sank near the Rochers aux Oiseaux off the Magdalen Islands. Another three crew members were lost, although this time there were several survivors, and the wreckage was eventually located two years later.

Rumours began circulating that the three ships were cursed. A community group found that the Marc Guylaine was not seaworthy. However, the Canadian Coast Guard later found in a 1973 report that it was. Gélas Haché, the captain and owner of the Marc Guylaine, could not find anyone willing to crew his ship for fear of drowning. Ultimately, the Ministry of Fisheries bought the ship from Haché in 1972, renamed it, and sold it. As far as we know, it remains in active use.


The information provided above came from Wikipedia.


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