26 Mine Disaster

Thank you to Lee Anne Watt for bringing this song to my attention!



Upon the hill above the town
You can see the shaft where they go down
Into the deeps below the town,
Where night goes on and on.
A methane pocket and a spark so small
From a hammer drilling into a wall,
Sent a ball of fire down through the hall
Where the men had served their trade.

Ten men died in a blast that day,
Two died later in a place far away.
Blew them right out of their boots they say
‘Neath that rocky Cape Breton shore.

The backshift had come to the surface when
The dayshift radioed a message in
To return to the deeps to help the men
Bring their buddies from below.


A day for service was set aside
People came from far and wide
10,000 strong were jammed inside
To honour their mining friends.
They gave from their hearts, their pockets and hands
To help those in need any way that they can.
The Cape Breton spirit is the way of the land,
A love that knows no bounds.

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