Andrea Gail – Cobblestones



The Cobblestones


October was looming
The fish it was scarce
They just weren’t there for some reason
“We’ll gather the crew,”
Skip Billy Tyne said,
“And we’ll make one last trip for the season.”

And it’s way, hey, tomorrow they sail
To the Grand Banks past the nose and the tail
Chasing the swordfish, from Gloucester they hail
The skipper and crew of the Andrea Gail.

The first set of fish
Were so small and so few
The skipper consulted his maps
“If we can’t find them here
We’ll sail further east
And we’ll fish off the cold Flemish Cap.”


The fishing was good
On the Cap, it struck hard
They loaded the hold before long
Then the skip told them
To haul in the gear
There was news of a storm coming on.


They were outside of Sable
At the height of the storm
Plowing through mountainous waves
And that was the last
That ever was heard
Of the sword fisher Andrea Gail



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