Atlantic Blue



Cindy Church


What colour is a heartache from a love lost at sea?
What shade of memory never fades but lingers to eternity?
And how dark is the light of day that sleepless eyes of mine survey?
Is that you, Atlantic Blue? My heart is as cold as you.

How is one heart chosen to never lie at peace?
How many moments remain? Is there not one sweet release?
And who’s the stranger at my door, to haunt my dreams forever more?
Is that you, Atlantic Blue? My heart is as cold as you.

I lie awake in the morning, as waves wash on the sand,
I hold my hurt at bay, I hold the lives of his children in my hands.
And whose plea will receive no answer? Whose cry is lost upon the wind?
Who’s the voice so familiar, whispers my name as night comes in?
And whose wish never fails to find my vacant heart on Valentine’s?
Is that you Atlantic Blue? My heart is as cold,
My heart is as cold, my heart is as cold as you.


8 responses to “Atlantic Blue”

  1. Dan says:

    I caught this song at the end of a TV episode of the “Republic Of Doyle”. A Friend found it for me and led me here. Thank you for your website and posting information about this song: Atlantic Blue. God Bless.

  2. Heather Sparling says:

    You are so welcome! I’m glad that you’ve discovered this incredibly beautiful and powerful song.

    • Anita Pearce says:

      I had the same experience, thank you to Republic of Doyle on Youtube. I found the song myself on Youtube, but I also wanted to copy the lyrics for my friend and translate into French.
      People always tell me I am a whizz on Google… I don’t think so, but there you go.
      How very very moving and wonderful the sentiments, the voice and of course the fact that the song refers to a real life tragedy of tremendous proportions for Newfoundland, the home province of this wonderful artiste. Thank you so much, Heather Sparling.

  3. Guy says:

    One of the greatest songs ever written, and it’s only 15 lines. Brilliant lyrics. Simple words, but incredibly deep emotion.

    • Sol says:

      Funny, I always think of “Atlantic Blue” as “the long one”, as “Godspeed” is even shorter. Hynes had a knack for packing a huge impact in a few well-chosen words.

  4. Karen Dawe-Gordon says:

    This song never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Ron Hynes was an amazing talent. You can feel the heartbreak and understand the ruthlessness of the Atlantic Ocean….. as a Newfoundlander, this song goes right to the heart and quietly breaks it.

  5. Noreen says:

    Only Ron could write it as it was.
    He touched the hearts and soul of all of us.

  6. Hilary says:

    I am not from a sea-faring family and did not personally know anyone at the time working the offshore but I will never forget the chill that entered the room that morning when we turned on the radio and heard the news that the Ocean Ranger had gone down, all hand lost.

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