August Gale (Anonymous)



1 Ye darlin sons of Newfoundland, please hearken unto me,
How forty brave and fearless men gave up their lives at seas,
While fishing on the western coast their calling to pursue,
But few were left to tell the tale of many a schooner’s crew.

2 They left homes with happy hearts all full of mirth and glee,
Not thinking as they sailed that morn no more their homes to see;
No more to see their children dear, their kind and loving wives;
For in that storm on Thursday morn those brave men lost their lives.

3 The wind with fury it did blow that fatal Thursday morn,
They reefed their mainsail and their jib for to ride out the storm;
But all in vain their tiny craft the fury could not stand,
And these brave heroes lost their lives while trying to make the land.

4 The winds did blow with fearful force and no let up that day
As all the boats were on the ground around Placentia Bay;
Came beating home in that wild storm, the sea rolled mountains high,
And those brave souls they saw no hope, gave up their lives to die.

5 It is a hard and a trying blow for those that ‘s left to weep;
The sole provider of their homes now sleeps beneath the_ deep.
Their wives and orphans left to mourn, their widows’ only son
Are also numbered with the dead, God’s will it must be done.

6 So let us pray for those away who on the sea must roam
And guard them in their tiny craft and send them safe at home;
And put your trust in Providence and trust to Him on high,
To send those brave ones home again and fill our hearts with joy.

7 All things do happen for the best and when they’re called away,
The brave lads on the ocean, out in the storm that day;
We hope they’ll see a better land from sorrow and from care
In that bright land above us all, its splendour for to share.

Sources: Lehr, Genvieve. Come and I will Sing You, p. 9-11

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