Band’s Still Playing, The


All hands on deck, please don’t panic
It’s probably a drill, there’s really nothing wrong
Steady as she goes on the Titanic
It can’t be too bad, the band plays on.

There’s lifeboats launched upon the water
Captain’s crying, “Won’t you please get in?”
I don’t believe in this disaster
I just don’t believe the mess we’re in.

And the band’s still playing
Can you hear those horns
Crying out for our souls
And the band’s still playing
The band played hymns
And the band played rock ‘n’ roll.

I’m going to rearrange all of the deck chairs
I’m going to cover my hair, every inch of skin
Trading in my sunglasses for a darker pair
So I don’t have to see the mess we’re in.


This music’s got me dancing so fast
You know I really ain’t got time to think
Someone said something about a big hole in the sky
Someone said last call, time for one more drink.

Chorus x2
Lyrics available from Lennie Gallant’s website.

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