1951 Barbara & Ronnie

The name of this ship has many variations, but according to several sources, the proper name is the Barbara & Ronnie. The 46-foot fishing boat was built in 1944 and owned and operated by Walter Bond of Petites, NL. In 1951, Bond and his five-member crew were fishing off of Cape Breton, a typical fall activity for Newfoundland fishermen. In December, they were ready to return home for Christmas. They picked up a passenger heading to Newfoundland as well. They left Glace Bay, NS, on December 17. Unfortunately, they were likely unaware of a storm warning issued on December 18. Although many other ships were also travelling at the same time, most either sought shelter or avoided the storm’s main path. The Barbara & Ronnie was caught by gale-force winds probably about 20 miles from Newfoundland close to midnight on December 18. No one knows exactly what happened: the boat simply went missing and a search recovered no bodies.

By all accounts, Walter Bond was well-respected and a cautious fisherman. The lost crew and passenger are:

Walter Bond (37), Petites
Russell Billard (22), Grand Bruit
Richard Gosse (18), Petites
Kenneth Courtney (27), Petites
Charlie Courtney (19), Petites
Thomas Bennett (33), Petites
Sandy Ward Mauger (24), Petites



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Additional Source:

Northern Shipwrecks Database


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