Church Cove Tragedy

The video begins with the story of the Mary M Beldin; the song begins at 3:32.



Oh come all of you Southern Shore sailors
And all those who sail over the deep
I’ll tell you a tale of your comrades
Who were lost in the snow and the sleet

It was late in the month of November
Just one day away from the last
The story still sad in the telling
Though the tragedy’s long in the past.

It was early on Saturday morning
Four brave souls set sail from St. John’s
For their home up in Aquaforte Harbour
They’d be home before night came along.

But fate doesn’t play any favours
Who’s to know what’s to come of the day
For by noon all their lives were in danger
On the rocks just outside Cape Broyle Bay

Well the wind from the northeast was bitter
And the snow that would blind any man
We’ll run for our lives, said the skipper
We’ll make it, I know that we can!

But jimmy was lost to the water
And George wasn’t too far behind
Save yourself, Billy shouted to Bernard
Leave me here, don’t you pay me no mind

But they scratched and they climbed and they scrambled
Through the snow and the sleet and the rain
And they saved themselves, no one to help them
Many years then to live with the pain

Sad news soon passed through the harbours
George and Jimmy had gone to their rest
And the good Lord had spared Bill and Bernard
Only God knows which ones that He blessed.

So to all of you Southern Shore sailors
And all those who sailed o’er the deep
Remember the cross lost in Church Cove
Say a prayer for their eternal sleep.

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