Not far off the coast of Nova Scotia
Corinthian lay in the fog
No sign of the coming disaster
A young sailor wrote in his log

They were aft on the nets slowly hauling
At the bow did his grandfather stand
The captain gave signals and warnings
But destiny heeds no command

Oh a freighter hit Corinthian
And cut her right in two
Six fishermen were lost that day
It was more than half the crew
And among them was his grandpa
Who was killed before he knew
If the Good Lord let his grandson make it through.

The Corinthian sailed out of Glou’ster
Where fate is the fisherman’s friend
Just one of a thousand disasters
The faithful abide till the end

The Corinthian met with ill-fortune
In the fog half a cent’ry ago
But Glou’ster will honour forever
The men who were lost below.


O rest your soul
Your grandson made it home, he made it home
O rest your soul
Your name is on the monument, your love for him is known.


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