Everybody Knew

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Time moves on
Look at the wind blow again
Through the ruins
Over the graves of those men
Ten long years
Since they saw the light
Where is peace
When we must give up the fight?

It didn’t have to happen this way
The reasons lost when there’s money to be made
It didn’t have to happen this way
Everybody knew: there were problems
Everybody knew: bad conditions
Everybody knew: there was danger
Everybody knew: no one listened
The Westray mine blew
Everybody knew.
Everybody knew.

There she goes
Where is her brother today
Fifty feet
Under the earth’s where he’ll stay
She don’t cry
But Mother’s not the same
Her spirit broke
When the search listed his name.


“We are broke,”
Is all the owners would say
“Not our fault,”
Kept all those lawsuits at bay
Nine short months
Yet no one forgets
“How we traded coal
For a lifetime of regret


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