Fall into the Ocean

The Telegram posted this video of Mark Frost performing “Fall into the Ocean” at the Cougar Memorial:

In this video, it’s covered by Alexandria Nash:



As I look back on the things I felt that day,
I went to my bed knowing you were on your way,
I had no way of knowing, what had happened to you,
And when I awoke, I could not believe it was true.

That you could fall into the ocean,
That you could fall into the sea,
That you could fall into the ocean,
That you’d be taken away from me.

As I look back on all the good times spent together,
I knew we had a friendship to last forever,
We would sing and play and laugh our cares away,
And never a thought of what could happen any day.


And now that you’re gone, this place just seems so bare,
And that it’s happened to you, my friend, just doesn’t seem fair,
But you’ve touched my life and everyone’s you’ve known,
And you’ll never be forgotten, but now I sing alone.


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