Miss Ally – Leblanc



Miss Ally left Woods Harbour Wharf
On that winter’s day
With Captain Catlyn at the helm they were on their way
Five young men, just boys you know
Fishing for their living on the Sea

Cause that’s what Fishermen do
Cause that’s what Fishermen do

These five young men were friends back when
They were little boys
Now they’re grown hardworking men
With families of their own
The Brothers, so they called themselves
Loved fishing on the Scotia Shelf
The only thing missing there was their families
They missed their families

Cause that’s what Fishermen do
That’s what Fishermen do

Captain Cat, and Billy Jack, Tyson, Cole and Joel
Had several days of weather good
And their lines were full
Two storm fronts that could soon collide
Were forecast in the news so Sandy called to make sure
Those boys knew what to do

Cause that’s what Fishermen do
And Older Fishermen too

Miss Ally’s gear could not be found
Her search lights broken down
She laid her anchor a that time
To wait the light of dawn
And when she found her gear next day
And she was almost home
The wind it blew the waves they crashed
She knew she’d see her doom

Cause that’s what Fishermen do
That’s what Fishermen do

A beacon sent off Liverpool
Off Nova Scotia’s coast
Woods Harbour town and all around
Were hoping for the best
Praying for a miracle
That those boys be found
But these brave men
They lost their lives
Miss Ally had gone down

Miss Ally had gone down
Miss Ally had gone down

6 responses to “Miss Ally – Leblanc”

  1. hello im now recording this song and will have it on novascotiamusic.com by june 30th 2015

  2. Heather Sparling says:

    That’s great news! As soon as it’s available, I’d be happy to post a link to it. If you want to share the lyrics, I’d love to post them here too. Thanks for the update!

  3. Heather Sparling says:

    Thanks, Joanne, for sending the lyrics to your song! I look forward to hearing your new recording.

  4. jordan mamczur says:

    thanks Joanne for singing this ballad to us at breakfast time on sept 8and9 2015 I still listen to audio you give me.Awsom

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