Fishing for Oil

This song was posted to youtube on January 25, 2010:



Since the Cod left our shores in 92’
Men in big suits they came lookin’
The prospect for oil in our broken land
Brought big Dollar signs to their eyes

Now they’re fishin’ for oil in our waters
Where our fathers fished for generations
Replaced their jiggers for big oil drills
Now worst of all we’re losing children

The big mechanical bird fell down from the sky
Causin’ devastation and destruction
When the news came in in a couple of days
We lost sixteen sons and a daughter


We let the oil companies do as they please
Rape our land of all our children
But in the end what’s a people to do
What are we to do? What are we to do?


Fishin’ for oil in our waters


I am grateful to William Collins for sending me the lyrics to his song. 

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