Flight 491 – Hynes

See Hynes’ performance of this song, along with his daughter Natalie, below.



There are tears in my eyes tonight
And there’s no way to wipe them dry
We’ve lost someone out on the sea
But weren’t ready to say good-bye

On March the 12th on a cold winter’s day
On Cougar flight 491
18 people set out for their work
Not long after that it went down

Everyone thought it would be okay
They were all trained for emergencies
But something went wrong after the may-day
A tragedy for all to see

Another one up for the ocean
Another tragedy at sea
But for all of us who knew them
A great loss for their family

The news was out to far and wide
Everyone was left in shock
They waited for word of survivors found
Only one of them had they got

With fingers crossed and prayers being said
Family members gathered in groups
Hoping to hear of a loved one found
All they could cling towards now was hope

But the hope they were looking for was all in vain
No more of the passengers were found
As more and more of the days had came
All of those loved ones were presumed drowned

We may never know the answer
We may never know the truth
Even though they’re gone forever
They’ll be loved and missed by me and you

On flight 491 on a cold winter’s day
As they all headed out to the rig
17 lost their lives in the cold Atlantic sea
With our prayers may they rest peacefully
With our prayers may they rest peacefully

Lyrics from the YouTube video website.

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