Go Down Below No More

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A soft pouring rain fell on the coal mining town
Twenty-six men worked underground
By the clock on the wall, the new shift would soon end
And up to the surface they go to greet the daylight again.

But the methane was rising through the cracks in the walls
One tiny spark in the hole would be the end of it all
And sure as there’s a heaven it was hell down below
And that day they all feared the most they had come to know.

Now we’ll go down below no more
Worked the last ton of coal
Paid their debts with tears, blood and sweat
Now we’ll go down below no more.

The draegermen gathered their crew for the journey below
How some have survived such a force, God only knows
And as the walls kept crumbling, they kept brushing aside
All the few with the hope that each man would be brought up alive.


Now a man without a conscience is a man of power and greed
Aware of the dangers but blind to their needs
If there was heed to the warnings instead of ignoring the signs
Would we still have the fathers and the husbands, the children and wives?


And we’ll go down below no more.
And we’ll go down below no more.


Transcribed from the recording by Heather Sparling

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