Grand Falls Tragedy, The

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Attention ye workmen I pray lend an ear
I’ll tell you a story so tragic to hear
Concerning what happened one day in our town
When three busy workmen were by death stricken down

Far down in the rock cut so deep and so wide
These men toiled together each day side by side
Of death never dreaming nor dangerous ways
When suddenly death stared them each in the face

Support blocks high above them failed them that day
A rock laden flat car somehow broke away
Dashed down the railroad with the greatest of speed
And fell down an incline plunged 50 feet deep

Those men in the rock cut toiled on unaware
Of the oncoming monster bringing death to them there
Toiling that morning where the great danger lay
They were quickly and sadly from the earth snatched away

Attention ye workmen come list one and all
The names of these workmen I now will recall
The first one was Marshall from old Carbonear
The second was Tobin from Ship Cove I hear

The third helpless victim was young William Hall
He belonged to the town boys well known to us all
He was just a young fellow a lad of 19
What a blow to his parents the shock must have been

It was on Friday night boys the express it came through
With passengers loaded and all of her crew
Those bodies were taken and put on the train
To be carried back home where sorrow did reign

My story is ended I have no more to say
Those three stricken workmen now sleep neath the clay
It’s there God will keep them until we all meet
In the great resurrection in Heaven so sweet


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