Just as the Ship Went Down


A cold dark night, a sea of ice,
A ship out on the ocean,
All fitted out by man’s device,
She rode in perfect motion.
A jar, a crash, a fearful clash,
A sound like awful thunder,
The dying groan, the living moan,
As the splendid ship went under.

Out on the sea when the ship went down,
Out where the lifeboats rocked,
Husbands were parted from loving wives,
Captain and sailors, they gave up their lives
Wireless rang with the awful news,
By which the whole world was shocked.
Out on the sea, near Eternity,
Where the angry waters frown,
“Nearer my God” they sang,
Just as the ship went down

The sky grows black, the icebergs crack,
And death hangs o’er the water,
But “Women first!” the orders rang,
For mother and for daughter.
A cry, a shriek, but who can speak?
For then the waters parted,
The sea was cleft; and what was left,
For the living broken hearted?

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