Last Miner Down Below



In the 80s, a tragic day
An explosion under Glace Bay
My daddy sent there as a draegerman
To help any way he can.

Last miner down below
How he died, well, I guess we’ll never know
Last miner down below
The men say it’s a hell of a way to go.

By the grace of God the shift had just ended
One miner stayed with the others ascended
For so many men their lives had been spared
But for the last his greatest fear.

He heard a sound, every miner’s nightmare
His blood ran cold, his body paralyzed with fear
From where he was, there was no way he could know
Between him and the surface a raging inferno.

On that day a pact had been made
Not tell this miner his fate
On the phone from the surface he heard
Calming voices, encouraging words.

No one knows how long he lived
That phone had died long before he did
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Last miner buried alive.

3 responses to “Last Miner Down Below”

  1. Tracy Wilson says:

    A wonderful song that tells the story of one of our own. A sad day for the last miner and his entire family.
    Love the singing too.

  2. George MacNeil says:

    Beautiful song.

  3. Mary Gillis says:

    Love this song, beautifully sung too.

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