The Loss of the "Atlantic" (B)


1. Dear friends come hear this mournful tale,
The loss we do deplore
Of the gallant ship Atlantic
Wrecked on Nova Scotia’s shore.

2. With near one thousand souls on board
The captain he had no fear,
For he heeded not that rocky coast
That he was drawing near.

3. Until at length it was too late
When that final shock was given,
That noble ship to pieces went,
In midships she was riven.

4. The sun sank down behind the hills,
Night spread her wings around,
That night it will remembered be
For manys a year to come.

5. A lady with her baby in arms
That reached the deck we’re told,
She had nothing but her nightdress on
To shelter her from the cold.

6. To save her life her slender form
Was fastened to the mast,
And ten long hours she there remained
Before she breathed her last.

7. Before she died her little babe
Got sweeped into the sea.
What suffering must that mother bore
In those hours of agony.

8. Then Mister Street was a gentleman, tune.
He was frantic with despair,
From his cabin came and in his arms
He held his little daughter dear.

9. Unto the steward he did say:
“Charlie, pray take my child
That I might go my wife to save
For the billows are raging wild.”

10. The father did the mother seek
But neither the one came back,
For the briny waves had swept them both
From off of that sinking wreck.

11. And as the steward took the child
He saw her face so fair,
His thoughts ran quickly to his home
For he had one like her there.

12. She called out ‘Papa!’ for a short time
But her papa never came,
She died just after in my arms
As the billows were raging round.

13. Her little soul to heaven flew
To call her papa there,
It’s hand in hand I hope they’ll walk
Through heavenlye mansions clear.

14. There was one who was rescued from the wreck
John Henley, a brave lad,
He boldly struggled to the deck
His face bereaved and sad.

15. His father and mother and brothers three
All sank to rise no more,
But he got help from some strong men,
He got safely on the shore.

16. And when he arrived in Halifax
A warm welcome they did give,
‘Twas there they led him gently home
With his sister dear to live.

17. And then a noble clergyman
He swam over to the shore,
Then he quickly sent a line on board
For to help the others sore.

Citation: Peacock, Kenneth.Songs of the Newfoundland Outports, p. 933-935

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