Men from 12 South, The



In the early morning hours
On a cold and stormy day
Disaster struck so quickly
Off the shores of Glace Bay

It’s a day we’ll all remember
With the passing away of time
February twenty-fourth

Everything was normal
When they stepped to the cage
Sending down that open chair
To start the working day

Cutting, shovelling, blasting
That’s what it’s all about
Knowing this was their last shift
The men from 12 south

To all their friends and families
The ones they left behind
These men were gallant miners
At least we’ll know they’ll find
God looks down upon us
And the answer is final call
We’ll meet with them again some day
The men from 12 south wall

In the damp, dark mine of dust and gas
There’s dangers unforeseen
As twelve men would attest to that
I’m sure they would agree

The only life they ever knew
Was getting in that black hole
Miles beneath the ocean
God now rest their souls

The mine has long since disappeared
It’s just a memory
But on Cape Breton Island
It’s a part of history

As I sit here thinking
It echoes in my mind
February twenty-fourth

Chorus x2

2 responses to “Men from 12 South, The”

  1. Bgbm says:

    What were the names of the miners in the Glace Bay 1979 disaster?

  2. Heather Sparling says:

    You can find them at the Nova Scotia Archives’ mining fatalities database:

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