Men of Westray



They left their loved ones, to work in the mine
To be “on the coal,” twas in their blood-lines,
With sweat on their brow, dust on their hands
They worked far below, that Pictou county land.

With a hour to go, and just before dawn
Their toils ended, God called them home,
For no man would walk, out of that hell
And for waiting families, all time stood still.

For the men of Westray, life’s toils are o’er
The lamps shall not shine, from their hard-hats no more,
From the dark of the mine, may they see a brighter day
Dear God up above, look down on these men of Westray.

When legends are told, ‘bout men of the deeps
Prayers will be said, for those who still sleep,
And their children’s children, will be honoured to say
We’re proud to be kin, to the men of Westray.



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