The Miner’s Way



Radios and newspapers tell of the day
Death underground, the miner’s way, they say

Praying together, waiting in fear

Tears in our eyes, coal dust in the air

And our hearts are heavy

As the deep, black hole
As the deep, dark hole is holding them there

Give him back, give him back, give him back to me
My father, my brother, bring back my lover

recall their young boys at play
Now they’re searching for men, the miner’s way, they say

Day turns to night as black as the coal

Ache in our hearts, hope in our
souls  for freedom
From that deep, black hole

From that deep, dark hole holding them there

One response to “The Miner’s Way”

  1. Margaret Walsh says:

    Good day; I am sending this note after finding the write-up on songs written about mining disasters and specifically those about Westray. I am now living with our brother, Andrew, who, after many discussions with brother Gordon, wrote a song and had it tucked away in his folder. I was honoured to have the opportunity to work with Andrew on this song and I must say it is a heart wrenching, truthful ballad that brings back the chills and heart ache of 1992, when Westray blew.

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