Miss Ally – Muise

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The day was dawning
Five men climbed over my rail
We sailed into the rising sun
Despite the coming gale.

With my throttle full, hot tea on the stove
Engines warm, headed out the cove
To fill my hold
To keep their families warm

Let their ghosts walk on water
To guide us on our way
Let their ghosts walk on water
And bring us home each day.

I can feel the storm a-raging
North wind beating down
Lives all in peril
If I didn’t get turned around

Oh, I tried and tried to keep myself afloat
But the wind, it blew, and I began to doubt
Thirty foot waves were just too much
For this old fishing boat


I did all I could that faithful day
To protect these brave men, you see
But now I lie in my watery grave
The Miss Ally.
I’m the Miss Ally.


Bring us home each day.
Walk on water
Jesus walked on water
Jesus walked on water
Bring us home.

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