Miss Ally – Pennell

A colleague forwarded me a Facebook post featuring these lyrics. It had been posted on Wednesday, Feburary 20, 2013, only two days after news of the Miss Ally and its lost crew broke. It had already been shared over 2,000 times by that point. I hope to contact the composer at a later date for an interview.



Come friends there is a story, I will relay to you
About the boat Miss Ally, five men made up her crew
She left the wharf for fishing grounds, the weather it was fair
Not knowing what awaited them, and that the end was near

It was Sunday on the seventeenth, a storm it did arise
The waves were high with gusting winds, it caught them by surprise
They bravely fought and battled, but with wind the sea it heaves
The crew and boat Miss Ally slipped beneath the waves

How can life be so unfair, we cannot understand
Sometimes in life we are dealt what seems a losing hand
But there is an explanation to you I will relay
God has a plan for everyone for each and every day

God blesses us with loved ones that we hold so dear
Although he seems so far away, He is always very near
We even wonder and ask ourselves, “How could God do this?”
But it hereby proves to all of us that he only takes the best.

In heaven there is happiness, the streets with gold are laid
It is a place so perfect that roses never fade
It is there the ones we loved are called, the ones we hold so dear
And when we stop and think of it, it is really very clear

God needs someone to do the things much like we do on earth
On the fishing boats of heaven, He chooses who gets a berth
Although today you are left to mourn, there is one thing that is true
In choosing the ones you loved so much, He now has a perfect crew

The seas of heaven are always calm, never a heavy swell
For God prepares a perfect place, where our loved ones are called to dwell
The fishing nets are always full, the skies so very clear
And the boats are manned by the very ones, that we hold so dear

So as you travel down life’s road may it comfort you to know
That God is watching over them for He has them in his fold
And even though you feel alone and you must bear the pain
May you cherish all the memories until you meet again

This boat and crew have joined God’s fleet, they fish the season high
Never more to sail rough seas, never more to die
God will guide them evermore, in waters that are still
And bring them safely home each day, to that mansion on the hill

God bless their little children, their families and their friends
Surround them with Your peacefulness, and love that never ends
Hold them gently when they cry, and wipe away their tears
Help them try to understand and take away their fears

God bless these men as they sail down heaven’s shore each day
Guide them with Your loving hand, don’t let them go astray
God bless this boat from stern to stem, from wheelhouse down to galley
As she sails your peaceful shores, the good boat named Miss Ally

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