My Sweetheart Went Down with the Ship



Out of the bay,
Sailing away,
There went the steamship Titanic,
Stately and proud,
Gay was the crowd,
As she steamed o’er the big blue Atlantic.
No one was sad,
All hearts were glad,
Till early in the dawn,
She struck a berg,
A crash was heard,
And soon the ship was gone

My sweetheart went down with the ship,
Down to an ocean grave,
One of the heroes who gave his life,
The women and children to save,
Gone but not forgotten,
As the big ship rolled and dipped,
He went to sleep in the mighty deep,
My sweetheart went down with the ship

Out in the sea,
Parted from me,
Down in the deep he is sleeping,
Fearless and brave,
His life he gave,
And the angels their watch will be keeping,
Tho’ parted now,
I know somehow,
Again your face I’ll see,
On golden shore,
We’ll meet once more,
For all eternity.

Source: Lewis, Roger (lyrics) and F. Henri Klickmann (music). 1912. “My Sweetheart Went Down with the Ship.” Chicago and New York: Frank K. Root & Co.

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