No.12 New Waterford



1) A tale I have to tell you about one of our mines,
And it happened not so very long ago.
They had to seal the mine off for there was a raging fire,
And two men lost their lives way down below.

In Number Twelve, New Waterford, everything was going fine,
They were loading lots of coal, their buddies say.
Then smoke began to gather and they knew there was a fire
And they scrambled for their lives that fateful day.

2) The trip it left the road; it caused a terrible smash,
And it caused an awful fire along the deep.
The miners they were worried as they hurried for the top
For the smoke was thick and it was hard to breathe.

3) They had to seal the mine off with one man trapped below,
For the fire it raged and threatened that small town.
We always will remember the men who lost their lives
And respect the men who toil beneath the ground.


O’Donnell, John. 1992. And Now the Fields are Green. Sydney: University College of Cape Breton Press, p. 152-3.

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