Ocean Ranger, The – Corcoran



In nineteen-eighty-two
Out on the Grand Banks
The Ocean Ranger went down
And all hands on board
On February fifteenth
The sad news spread around

Eighty-four young men
Were lost on their way
And not one sole survivor
Came back home to tell that sad tale

We are an island
And we’ve lived our lives on the sea
A people united
And that’s just the way it should be

We’re there for each other
In the good times and bad
But we all know that the good times
Can quickly change and be sad

Daughters and sons
Were lost when that big rig capsized
While back on the island
Loved ones had tears in their eyes

This place we call home
It’s used to those tragedies
And for five hundred years
It’s been part of our history.

When we heard of the loved ones
Who were lost on that cold winter’s day
And how the mighty Ocean Ranger
Was attacked by the cold ocean spray

It’s hard to believe that this monster rig
Could be lost
And that broken-heart[ed] loved ones
Would once again pay the cost

That’s why we remember
The dear ones we lost on that day
When the cruel North Atlantic
Swept our loved ones away

We know that nothing
Will ever keep us apart
Because love is the bloom
That will keep you attached to our heart.

Not even the cold North Atlantic
Can keep us apart.

Lyrics transcribed from the youtube video by Heather Sparling

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