Ocean Ranger Disaster



On the fifteenth day of February
In nineteen-eighty-two
The oil rig Ocean Ranger
Floated on the stormy blue

Just off the coast of Newfoundland
With a very happy crew
All at once she vanished
Into the briny blue

Ocean Ranger, Ocean Ranger
Wherever can you be?
Ocean Ranger, Ocean Ranger
At the bottom of the sea
At the bottom of the sea

Ships and planes they searched for days
But couldn’t find a clue
Where is the Ocean Ranger?
Oh, God, what will we do?

The families of those men on boar
Were praying every night
That their loved ones would be found
And hoped things turned out right


God bless those eighty-four brave men
Courageous, strong and true
I’m sure God will be happy
To have them in His mighty crew

But for days they searched the seas
And hope was running low
No one was found, they all went down
Down, down below


Transcribed by Heather Sparling from the commercial recording Canadian Country Music (1982) by Michael T Wall (45 CCM 100 Side A) located at MUNFLA (C6150; 83-016)

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