Ocean Ranger, The – D’Arcy



There’s oil in Hibernia
Or so the oil men say
But without a doubt, to get it out
There’s been a price to pay

Men’s pockets often over-flow
With gold from what he rakes,
And it’s been long known that man is prone
To making big mistakes

Remember the Ocean Ranger
They said she would not sink
But a mighty storm on the sea took form
And she toppled in the drink
Don’t take the sea for granted
She can be like a woman scorned.
Remember the Ocean Ranger
The un-sinkable that sunk

Storms in the North Atlantic
Have taken many lives
That mighty sea, with her jealousy
Makes widows out of wives

You don’t play ‘round with beehives,
And stand there in the swarm,
Take it from me, don’t tempt the sea
Especially in a storm


Just ask Atlantic fishermen
You’ll know you’ve been forewarned,
Though long will she your mistress be
Don’t tempt her in a storm

So hear me all you oil men
You’d better well take heed,
Use the sea respectfully
Or drown in your own greed


Take it from a fisherman
You may think it’s bunk,
Recall the OCEAN RANGER, friend
(The) unsinkable, that SUNK

From an email from Allison Vandervalk who corresponded directly with Mr. D’Arcy. See his website: http://www.dominicdarcy.com/index.html.

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