Ocean Ranger, The – Firth



She was named Ocean Ranger
With the nickname of Danger,
Where men from the land
Took oil from the sea;
Their fatal demise
Was taken for granted,
The fury of the cruel sea.

This angry sea took the hearts of these men,
Pulverized by fear in this nature gone wild;
This mightiest of rigs couldn’t
Tame this rabid beast,
Made a grave… in this watery hole.

Black is the night that pours in your eyes,
Green is the water so furious and cold;
Your body is screaming,
But your voice makes no sound.

Eighty-four men lost their lives to this wreck,
This mountain of steel
Laid here in the depths;
Husbands and brothers, sons and your kin,
All loved ones – close to your heart.

There’s twisted metal is all that remains,
This once fine example of man’s expertise
Is crushed like paper from a great mighty hand;
There’s boats overturned
Where few dared to leave,
But sadly were smashed
And dragged to this depth;
Now mixed with this nightmare,
All crumpled and torn,
Made a grave… in this watery hole.

Our job is to salvage
This vessel of death,
Now three more brave lives
Have been lost to the sea,
As divers struggled to set her free.

It’s three in the morning,
My shift almost done,
The living quarters we’re taking this long night;
Through the darkness I hear
The ripping and the groans,
As the crane takes the weight
And it rips from her womb;
In this deep darkened water
My thoughts start to wonder…

She was named Ocean Ranger…

Taken from: http://www.wtv-zone.com/phyrst/audio/nfld/18/oceanranger.htm

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