One Morning I Rose from Bed

We suspect but are not actually sure if this song is about the Blue Wave. Certainly the use of search planes mentioned in the song supports the notion. This song can be found in the Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archives (see below). Unfortunately, absolutely no information is provided about the male informant who provided this song.



One morning as I rose from bed too dark to plainly see
I turned on my radio to get the ships at sea
The captain’s voice came loud and clear upon the waves he tossed
He said his ship was icing up, please reach them at all cost.

Search planes went out to look for her and guide her safely home
But they found no trace of her where’er the planes had flown
They kept up their hopeless search for many a night and day
The people’s hopes were all in vain against the raging sea.

There was never a survivor in the dory that they found
And all hope was given up for all the men were drowned.

Oh, what care the crew did share out there on the reckless waves
When they knew that they would soon lie in their watery graves
But they will meet again up there where the sea is calm as glass
Where all brave and fearless men will be reward [sic] at last.


Transcribed by Heather Sparling from MUNFLA C2186. Collected by Garth Cochrane (MUNFLA 75-289).

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