Rescue at Moose River Gold Mine

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Way down in old Nova Scotia
Moose River it seems is the name
Three Canadians on Easter Sunday
To the tumbled down gold mine they came

They descended the mine for inspection
Never dreaming fate trailed them close by
With a crash that gave them no warning
Entombed in that mine there to die.

Brave men from all over the country
Volunteered to give up their lives
They slaved with unceasing efforts
It seemed that death they defied.

Long days and nights they had labored
Turned back when great cave-ins fell
While far below patiently waiting
Three men were in one living Hell

Many times turned back when near rescue
They seen all was blocking their way
With a prayer on their lips they worked onward
We must win we must win pray we may

On Sunday they got their first message
From the men prisoned far far below
Can you help us they heard the men calling
Our sufferings God above only knows

Next message filled all hearts with sorrow
As they heard them say one pal is gone
We are trying our best to hold on boys
Do your best don’t make it too long

At last the great strain it was broken
A miner out of breath brought the news
We have won the great fight he was calling
At last we have dug our way through

That great fight against the Dark Angel
It is one fighting heart all the way
Still a tragedy came with the rescue
From the tomb of those terrible days

Now friends this story is ending
With hardships of many a day
But this rescue will go down in history
Of the gold mine down Moose River way

3 responses to “Rescue at Moose River Gold Mine”

  1. Edith Wilson says:

    Ijust love that song When i was younger uor family got together singing songs and this one was always included.and a lot of others including Harry Dunn.i

  2. Heather Sparling says:

    I always think it’s weird when people try to separate “folk” from “commercial” songs. Lots of commercially recorded disaster songs started as “folk” songs (orally transmitted), and others, as in your situation, become popular among folk singers. So neat!

  3. I never forgot this was an old time favourite. My school friend was born that day Easter Sunday April 12 th. 1936. Love it

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