Songs from Central Newfoundland

I was recently interviewed by CBC in Gander and, in preparation, came up with a list of songs from central NL. I thought that some people might be interested in learning about some of the disasters and songs that emerged from this particular area. From most recent and moving back in time…

Dec 12, 1985: airplane crash at Gander airport. All 248 American servicemen and 8 crew members on board were killed with the plane crashed just after takeoff. Two songs were written about the event, both by Eric Waterman.

June 2, 1977: Carson ferry struck a small iceberg on its first voyage of the summer between Goose Bay and Lewisporte. Fortunately, all 129 passengers and 29 crew survived. 1 song.

Dec 19, 1944: The Mollie was wrecked at Grate’s Cove. All six on board were killed; five crew members were from Carmanville. 4 songs.

Dec 6, 1926: The Ella M. Rudolph grounded in a major storm in the Catalina area. Seven crew members died. One survived by jumping overboard and managed to reach shore, where he walked until he found help. 1 song.

Feb 29, 1892: Trinity Bay disaster. This was a seal hunting tragedy that occurred when hunters spread out over a large area in search of scattered seals. A storm came upon them. Although many successfully found shelter and survived, 24 men died. 3 songs.

Oct 11, 1885: The Excel. After the ship’s chains broke during a storm, the ship was smashed against the rocks. A few men and a women escaped by crossing from the ship to the shore on the felled mainmast, but the majority of the men, women, and children on board died. Approximately 22 people died. 1 song.

Did I miss any? Do you know of any others? Can you provide additional information? Please get in touch!

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