Swiss Air 111 – Edwards



On September 2nd, ninety-eight, 10:30 eastern time
Off the rocky coast of Peggy’s Cove she flew
A silver eagle filled with smiling people
Their lives entrusted to their loyal crew

Twas then fate intervened, why we’ll never know
Maybe we will understand one day
But Swiss Air one-eleven came screaming from the sky
Into the waters of St. Margaret’s Bay

Brave fishermen who’d heard the crash began a desperate search
Not thinking of the dangers they could face
Hoping against hope that they’d find survivors
But time was most important in this race

By daylight the whole country was in mourning
It seems no one believed that it was true
A massive search from air, on land and water
They will search it inch by inch before they’re through

Next day we found our prayers could not be answered
With a statement made that no one had survived
We all felt the sorrow of these poor souls’ families
When we learned that all aboard the plane had died

Right away we started hearing stories
Some people looking for someone to blame
It’s so easy to sit back and point your finger
And they pointed to the captain of the plane

If you ask me I think he is a hero
Something that this country sure could use
He and his brave crew should be rewarded
It’s not everybody who could fill their shoes

And now my friends this story I will end here
Although there’s many chapters one could write
About the passengers and crew of one-eleven
And the tragic ending of their final flight

But if you’re ever down in Nova Scotia
And in Peggy’s Cove you should chance to be
Gently toss a bright red rose into the water
As you say a silent prayer out o’er the sea

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