The Band Played Nearer My God to Thee as the Ship Went Down


On a peaceful night
Thro’ the starlight bright
There a good ship plowed her way,
She was heading straight
For the port of fate,
Ere the breaking of the day.
Now our lips are stilled,
And our eyes are filled,
And our hearts with sorrow torn,
But we’ll sing of the brave,
And lives they gave,
For the Loved ones left to mourn.

There the brave men stood,
As true heroes should,
With their hearts in faith sublime,
And there names shall be fond memory
Until the end of Time,
And the band was bravely playing,
The song of the Cross and Crown:
“Nearer my God to Thee”,
As the ship went down.

There’s no story told
Of true heroes bold,
That can dim the honor due,
To the martyrs brave,
In the nameless grave,
Neath the ocean’s waves of blue.
And in our future years,
When are dried the tears
Of the ones that bear their name,
Sweetest mem’ries divine,
Shall our hearts entwine,
For the glory of their fame.

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Midi file can be found at this site as well.

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