The Jubilee


Two fishermen from Newfoundland who went adrift at sea
on the 18th day of April from their schooner Jubilee
they were rescued from a barque,
Jessie Morris was her name
Coal laden for Quebec
The captain watched for sleepless nights and days to bring these boys around
The first to speak was peter, the oldest of the two
He told the captain who they were, a part of the Jubilee’s crew
And how in April on the banks they chanced to drift away
And lay exposed in an open boat for many a weary day.

God bless the Jessie Morris’ crew
Likewise their captain bold
Their names should be recorded in
Letters of bright gold
May peace and plenty be their lot
In every port they’ll stay
Those plucky boys, who saved the lives
Of the Flemings of Torbay.

MUNFLA 78-36 p19: handwritten transcription provided by Marie Meaney, Riverhead, St. Mary’s, sent to Kenneth Peacock in response to newspaper request.

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