The Loss of the Mollie



Come bow your heads and listen
While a story I relate
About the good ship Mollie
That meet a saddening fate.

She left St. John’s on Tuesday
December the nineteenth day
And we believe she reached a point
Well out in Trinity Bay.

We have no facts to ascertain
What course she did pursue
But we believe she hove about
And steered back from Baccalieu.

The wind increased, the snow fell fast
The Mollie made leeway
And came to grief in Grate’s Cove Bight
Before the break of day.

She had a stalwart crew of five
Yet on board there were six
One man from Musgrave Harbour
His name was Otto Hicks.

Ross Chaulk, he was her captain
James Ellsworth was the mate
John Goodyear next with his two songs
The youngest, twenty-eight.

The wind decreased, the snow cleared up
And wreckage was in sight
The men of Grate’s Cove quickly saw
What was the Mollie’s plight.

The alarm was given, a search was made
Along the rugged coast
But not a trace of life was found
For all the crew was lost.

The seas ran high, but boats were manned
A continued search ensued
Until the bodies were taken
From those waters cold and rude.

And when they were recovered
There was another call
And they were quickly taken
To the Loyal Orange Hall.

And there prepared for burial
With the best that could be found
Awaiting for the Ranger
The ship that brought them down.

All friends at Grate’s Cove did assist
They quickly saw the need
They all joined in to do their best
From every class and creed

Our praise is only simple words
Yet we extend to you
Our grateful thanks from Carmanville
For your efforts brave and true

It was on a Sunday evening,
They were landed one by one
On the coastal wharf at Carmanville
Just as the sun went down

While Captain Snow and all on board
With bared heads stood and sang
The Hymn, “Nearer My God to Thee”
As mournfully the Church bell rang

And now those men are laid to rest
Within their narrow bed
Just think o them in Realms of bliss
And not as souls now dead.

We all are sailing the sea of Time
Our journey here is brief
There will be storms we may escape
But not Time’s ending Reef.

And to all our friends that sorrow
We commend you to God’s care
No promise stands the test like His
He is always very near.

Lyrics from Halley, p85-6

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