The Loss Of The Regalis


Collected in 1958 from Everett Bennett of St. Paul’s, NL, by Kenneth Peacock.


You hearty sons from Newfoundland
That fear no storm or sea,
Come harken for a moment,
Attention give to me.

While I’ll explain in language plain
That fills us with dismay,
How the Regalis she got lost
In Petty Harbour Bay.

On Sunday morn with happy hearts
And calm and cheerful smile,
We cast our lines and got up steam
And steered from old Belle Isle.

And as we steamed up near Cape Race
It blew a heavy breeze,
Her main-shaft broke and leaved her
Disabled on the sea.

Word to the Cape was quick dispatched
And sent without delay:
“Some helpless ship lay moor├Ęd,
Disabled in the bay.”

Tug John Green then got up steam
And for the ship did go,
He got on board of us, sir,
The Regalis for to tow.

He towed her in about a mile
While wind and seas did roar,
And soon her tow-line parted
And she drift’ towards the shore.

The lookout on the tug John Green
And those on board did shout.
The port light on the Regalis
Did suddenly go out.

Tug John Green for many an hour
The bay did cruise all ’round,
But no sign of the Regalis
Could anywhere be found.

And when that he bore up for home
He seen it was no use,
The dangers of the tug being swamped,
She then gave up her cruise.

To carry the sad and gloomy news
To friends in St. John’s town,
Our Captain Taylor and his crew
On Sunday nght went down.

May God the ruler of the wind,
The tempest and the deep,
Give light unto those hearts we love,
Their widows left in grief!


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