The Southern Cross – Brennan



Carrie Brennan, Ship Cove, 1978


1.Gaily flags were proudly waving at the hour she set for braving,
All the obstacles advancing on that frozen field of ice;
And her crew no danger fearing, proudly caught the strength of cheering;
On the morning of her sailing, many hearts they did rejoice.

2.Our feelings we expressed them, when we knew that God had left them,
When we heard that they were sighted deeply laden on the foam;
And our hearts were glad and cheery when told near old Cape St Mary’s —
By the Portia she was sighted and she proudly sailing home.

3.Sadly now our hearts are mourning, dreaming yet of her returning,
Many more with sorrow laden say the ocean is her doom;
O ye waters merrily prancing, with the sunshine on you dancing,
O swift us back a message, just to lift this veil of gloom.

4.Where is she you breezes, won’t you whisper grief or cheer us —
Come if you please and let us know what has become of them,
Who left sisters and fond brothers, tender-hearted wives and mothers;
O swift us back a message, tell us what has become of them.

5.Tell us she is sank or stranded, was she swallowed or abandoned —
Are the waves that rolled upon them a forlorn and helpless wreck;
O ye breezez won’t ye tell us where are the noble fellows,
We cheered the day they left us, crowding joyously on her deck.

6.Many hearts are sorrow laden, there’s the matron and the maiden,
And the darling orphan children may God hear their helpless cry —
O look down on them each morrow, give them strength to bear their sorrow,
It is you dear Lord can do it from your mansion in the sky.

This transcription of the song was acquired from a Mudcat thread:

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