Titanic, The – Calhoun



O they built the ship Titanic to sail the ocean blue
and they thought they had a ship
that the water would never go through.
But the Lord’s almighty hand

It was sad when that great ship went down.
It was sad (it was sad) It was sad (mighty sad).
It was sad when that great ship went down.
Husbands and wives, little children lost their lives.
It was sad when that great ship went down.

Oh she was far from England
And approaching to the shore,
When the rich refused to associate with the poor.
So they put them down below
Where they were first to go.

As the humble closed their eyes
In the darkness of the hold,
The rich upstairs were playing cards for gold
And they laughed when a sailor said,
‘There’s an iceberg close ahead.’

When the Captain heard the news
From a sailor up the mast,
He said, ‘Steady boys, we’d better not go too fast.’
But the company in their greed
Said, ‘We must increase the speed.’

Oh they put the lifeboats out,
O’er the raging stormy sea,
And the band on board played ‘Nearer My God to Thee’.
Little children wept and cried
As the waves swept o’er the side.


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