Titanic (Cold and Icy Sea), The



On the seventeenth day of April,
Nineteen hundred and twelve’
The ship by the name of Titanic
From Liverpool left, with the swells.
lt was headed for New York City
With the cargoes of wealth and toll;
On the shores of Newfoundland lsland
She sank in the waters so cold.

As the mighty ship was sinking
ln the cold and icy sea,
The last that the bands was heard to play
Was “Nearer, My God, to thee.”

On board of the mighty vessel
Men with millions did ride_
The doctor, the lawyer, the merchant,
The rich, the poor, with their bride.
The gambler with all of his money:
The trimes went down the same.
The sheeler now died with the cunning;
The slayer now died with the slain.

From Southern Folk Ballads, McNeill. Collected from Ervin Anglin,
AK, 1951

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