Their Lights Will Shine

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The Men of the DeepsTheir Lights Will Shine, Lakewind, 2004


Here we stand, holding fast to one another
With the pain and the mem’ries rushing through
Down below us lie the bodies of our brothers
Seeking rest so their new lives may begin.
Will there never be a chance for them to win?

Their lights will shine
Twenty-six all of a kind
Their lights will shine
Facing those who would be blind.
Their lights will shine
For the loved ones left behind
From the darkness of the mine
Their lights will shine.

Time and space cannot part this bond among us
Trees and stone mark the sacred place to be.
Give us strength to resist life’s bitter hadness
Give us hope that the world may one day see.
Will we never find the truth that sets them free?

Bring us some meaning to the things that haunt our mind
Bring us the solitude that seems so hard to find

Source: O’Donnell, John C.  The Music of the Men of the Deeps.  Antigonish, NS: Amberglade Music, 2009.

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  1. Just came across your interesting web page.
    A small correction: Ron MacDonald is not a member of The Men of the Deeps; he wrote the song and originally performed it with his own group, “Deja Vu”. I heard him and his group perform it and immediately decided to arrange it for my own group, The Men of the Deeps. It is a wonderful song, and we still perform it regularly in concert. We almost always preceded it with the poem “Aftermath” written by one of our former members, Al Provoe (now deceased). The poem is recited by Gordon Sheriff, and our soloist on the song is Shane MacLeod. We also used the song title as the title of our 1992 CD release.
    Jack O’Donnell
    Musical Director, The Men of the Deeps

  2. Heather Sparling says:

    Thanks for the correction, Jack! I remember when I interviewed you that you said that Ron MacDonald is not a member of Men of the Deeps — but I obviously forgot to update this web page!

  3. Lynn Hussey. says:

    This song ‘Their Lights will shine’ always brings tears to my eyes. So Proud of ‘our’ Men of the Deeps. Thank you for keeping the memories of the coal miner alive.

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