Tidal Wave (Anon)


Mary Anne Counsell


Attention all good people all come listen unto me
About the sad disaster that we record today
That happened on the western coast around [3 syll?] shore
Where families were swept away to see their friends no more.

Last Monday week just after four they heard a rumbling noise
But used to storms on their west? coast it gave them no surprise
When suddenly an earthquake shook and then a tidal wave
When six and twenty precious souls then met a watery grave.

The tidal wave with fearful force went 15 feet or more
The fishermen [3 syll??] homes were swept from off that shore
Their boats and nets and stages and all their fishing gear
All carried away by the tidal wave and soon did disappear.

— parts of [1syll??] and on that coast and also Lammaline
The place is strewn with wretchedness and scarce no houses seen
Poor helpless women on that day were paralyzed with fear
To save their homes and families and children they hold dear.

Then Errol? Marks and Company though strangers in our land
Was the first to hold a concert and gave a helping hand
To those poor souls in certain stress a grand ornation [sic] gave
Who suffered most of fairly [1syll??] that fateful tidal wave.

Success in this world is good to have and great fortunes fall for sure
And those who give out freely to help the hungry poor
For Newfoundland was always [1syll??] and always did it share
And you never let? a Christian boy when you have a crust to spare.

Transcription by Heather Sparling from MUNFLA C3542. Recording made by Eric West of Mrs. Mary Anne Counsell. Comment at end of recording indicates that there should be another verse.

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