That Unforgettable Night (Swiss Air Flight 111)



There’s a story that must be told
About the fate of two hundred and twenty-nine souls
They disappeared off the face of the earth that night
Swiss Air one-eleven was the name of that flight

They went off the shores of Peggy’s Cove that night
A scenic place where tourists used to roam with delight
September 2nd, ninety-eight, we will never forget
As the whole world remembers the tragedy they met

From all directions volunteers and local fishermen arrived
In hopes that passengers would be found alive
And now as we look at the scenic rocks
The only memories left are those of panic and shock

To the ocean floor’s where their loved ones perished
Without a moment’s notice all these lives were extinguished
And even their families live in countries miles away
In our hearts we’ll always feel the pain that they felt that day

And as you visit Nova Scotia year after year
To visit the place where your loved ones disappeared
You’ll always be welcomed with open arms
For this is part of our heritage and part of our charm

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