Untitled – Kirma

This song has been translated into English, as it was originally in the Finnish language.  Translation by Antti Silvast.


1. Again a grief message tells it
from the waves of the Atlantic,
that a ship there sunk,
took the lives of many.

2. It was the biggest ship in the world,
a giant, they said.
Fame and glory
one aimed to reap with it.

3. But fate knew it different,
it was cruel, harsh.
It commanded: You will be faced
by an inevitable accident.

4. On Sunday of April
at ten o’clock in the evening,
even though the captain was standing, it is told,
on the ship’s bridge.

5. So too late it was noticed
an iceberg ahead,
that was swimming freely
in the Atlantic’s water.

6. The speed of the ship to stop they tried
with the ship’s big machines,
but it slashed forward
with its own power.

7. The machines of the ship stopped,
water flowed inside,
and the passengers by horrible
disarray were possessed.

8. Seven hundred were saved
from the danger of death
who like this were killed
and ended up in Underworld.

9. One thousand six hundred people
sea’s waves killed
and lots of money, goods
sunk with the ship.

10. Travelling there were also
children of Finland’s land,
who like this were killed
and ended up in Underworld.

Source: Asplund 1994, pp. 775-776.
Collector: Virpi Kirma.
Year: 1962.

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